Niche video site builder software
This product is now outdated, and I do not recommend it any longer. Some time after I had written this review, Youtube changed their terms to disallow their videos being embedded on these type of sites. Obviously they wanted to keep the revenues in-house, and avoid paying out AdSense earnings to marketers who were using Youtube videos in this way to get traffic. I still think it�s a cool concept, particularly when integrated into a template that incorporates other forms of content. But I don�t recommend breaking Google�s rules if you�re trying to get traffic from Google. To get the most up-to-date information and recommendations, please join my free newsletter.

It�s been a long time since I�ve recommended any site builders (or any software programs for that matter). Within the past couple of years, several internet marketers have created various site-builder scripts, most of which involved using PLR articles, or syndicated content (in fact I co-developed one of these programs a couple years ago).

In the time since, there have been several variations of those scripts, but I haven�t seen anything really ground-breaking.

It�s exactly what it sounds like: a site builder script that uses videos as the content. There are more videos being added to the web each day than any other type of content.

Since videos have become in many ways the freshest and most relevant content of the web, the search engines are frequently favoring video content in their search results.

This creates a good opportunity to get traffic from the search engines, but most of us don�t have time to create and upload new videos every day. That�s where JP�s new tool comes in handy.

You can use this program to quickly create websites containing videos related to any keyword(s) of your choice. It will build the pages of the website automatically, and it can continue to add more videos on autopilot, so you�re site will be updated with fresh content without you having to do anything.

The script also incorporates several web 2.0 social networking/bookmarking elements, and it has a very nice structure. You can instantly monetize these sites simply by plugging your AdSense ID into the script.

If you go to JP�s site and scroll down to Bonus #5, you will see the 10 Templates that he�s including with the package. These are very nice looking sites, and it�s really what tipped the scales into motivating me to write this review.

If they had looked like the spammy AdSense sites of the old-school page generators, I would have passed on it, but these are really sharp looking sites that this script creates. And since it�s template-driven, the sites are fully customizable, which is my other personal requirement.

My only major complaint is that he hasn�t incorporated more video sources. Granted, YouTube alone is plenty to sustain the program (they receive over 36,000 new videos each minute), but it would be nice to have some others like Revver.

For example, if there was an option to embed Revver videos you could actually earn revenue from the videos themselves, rather than just the ads on the page. I haven�t attempted to hack the script to see if it�s possible, but it might be. Either way, hopefully he will add it as an option in the future (he is including lifetime updates).

In conclusion, I�m recommending this script because:
  • It�s a great concept
  • It creates good looking, customizable sites
  • The price is right

If you�re interested in expanding your online empire to include video sites, this could be your ticket. You can check it out at:



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