How to train your mind
Forgotten Wisdom, Common-Sense Philosophy and a Practical Program Show You How to Train Your Mind the Right Way and Achieve Results You Never Thought Possible!

You are about to discover what might be the most effective program ever developed to boost brain-power. You don?t need to buy any drugs, pills, or herbal remedies. You don?t have to stick to a special diet?though a healthy diet is recommended! You don?t need to stand on your head, zap yourself with electricity, meditate with crystals or even so much as wear a mood ring.

This program is not about tricks and cheats to achieve short-term results. You will not read this ebook tonight and wake up an Einstein in the morning.

You probably didn?t learn these techniques in school, which is a shame because the majority of the population would be better off if they did.

If you?re like most people, in school you were probably tossed a bunch of facts you were expected to remember. You?ve probably forgotten most of them by now, haven?t you? The problem isn?t you. It isn?t that you have a poor memory. It isn?t that you have a short attention span. It isn?t any of those excuses that have been made for you, or that you?ve made for yourself.

Actually, it is that you have a poor memory or a short attention span. But it?s not your fault!

The problem is that a number of facts were thrown at you, and your mind never...Read More detail


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