Martial arts grip and hand strength training
With proper hand-strength training your bones and tendons will become thicker and stronger. You will be able to hit harder with weapons that won't fail!

"The real secret to hitting someone hard is hand strength. If your hands aren't strong, speed and arm strength matter very little. If You're lucky, your reflexes will inhibit your power to strike to protect you from injury. If you're unlucky, you will hit someone and damage your hand or wrist."

The Martial Arts Hand And Grip Training Guide will guide you step-by step through exercises that will give you those sledgehammer hands. You will become a more effective martial artist, even if you don't focus on punching and striking.

If you ever have to place your hands on somebody in self defense they will curse the day they ever tried to assault you. Your grip will be strong enough to inflict serious and immediate pain, and even to cause injury to your opponent.

If you grapple in competition, your locks, holds, and trows will become un-escapeable! Opponents will struggle in vain to wriggle loose from your grasp.

The strength training in this guide will give you the ability to cause serious injury to an opponent. You must use this strength wisely in training in within the constraints of local law in genuine self-defense situations.

In many locations, your trained hands might indeed be considered lethal weapons. You are completely responsible for your actions. "I stood in amazement as the supposed martial arts master demonstrated a technique by punching...Read More detail


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